hello cruel world

30lbs away from my goal weight
It will happen.

30lbs away from my goal weight

It will happen.

stop cying

stop crying

crazy girl

don’t you know?

you are the world

every time you feel unsure

try and remember

what you are

Anonymous asked: i dooo. she is 19. but she doesnt really care or think anything of it. but i dont think i have a problem and neither do my parents. my therapist "brought it to my moms attention" once because i left the session to go puke but my mom was like haha she doesnt have a problem. shes normal weight. but anyway..

your mom sounds completely different from mine, if we start losing weight my mom is like “eating disorder alert go to the doctor now” I dunno which is less helpful not caring or being way too sensitive about it… anyways I’m 19 too my sister is 18 , thanks for responding, cheers. :)

Anonymous asked: i honestly don't care who is home when i purge because no really cares in my house so it doesn't matter. but it bothers me when i purge at public places because i don't know those people. weird.

how do you know no one cares? my dad doesn’t DO anything like maybe asks if she’s ok but he says something like “oh your sister isn’t feeling well” .. do you have any sisters? 

Every day it gets harder.

its been 6 days since my last binge

6 days since I have put food in my mouth to help swallow all of my pain

and it gets harder everyday

I know I will give in, slip up, I just know it

and if I pretend that it won`t I am lying to myself

that does not mean I should just stop 

I have had 6 beautiful days, with no thoughts of ending my life

and that is an accomplishment that is something to be proud of

so when that binge happens

I will be as KIND and SUPPORTIVE of myself as I can be

because I deserve it.